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We  Are in a Fight for Our Lives. Freedom NOW!

Facebook fact checkers are either the dumbest people on the planet or the must duplicitous. When a post is flagged for false information, those are the post you need to read.
Pagans think weird. At first they didn't want you vaccinated because Trump was president. They said the vaccine…

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How do you Make the Amazing Interesting?

Trying to figure out how to make my next message interesting. It is about the most interesting event in History, but alas, such things are not appreciated by the world, or even the church. It is amazing how the amazing becomes mundane, even for Christians. My passage is Hebrews 1:1-4 and I'm still l…

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LG GRAM Plus Windows 11 is a Threat to Apple


I bought a 17 inch LG Gram a couple weeks ago because Apple refuses to make a big laptop or include ports.  Then I upgraded the OS to Windows 11.  I am very impressed.  Best GUI interface for a person who works with words with constant app switching.  Like a preacher.

MS and Apple s…

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